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Why You Should Consider the Space Coast When Buying a Home in Florida

If you're thinking about buying a home in Florida, you might want to consider the Space Coast. Located on the state's east coast, the Space Coast is home to some of Florida's best beaches, and it's also within driving distance of Orlando and all its attractions. With hot yet affordable locations like Palm Bay growing at a steady pace, it is one of Florida's best places to buy and invest in. But that's not all the Space Coast has to offer. Here are four more reasons why you should consider making this part of Florida your new home.

The Weather is Perfect

If you're looking for sunshine and warm weather, the Space Coast is definitely the place for you. The average temperature here is a balmy 72 degrees, and even in the winter months, it rarely gets cold enough to require a coat. Plus, there's no shortage of things to do outdoors, whether you're into fishing, surfing, or just relaxing on the beach.

The Beaches are Beautiful