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The Perfect House Warming Gift!

When it comes to house warming gift ideas, the options seem endless. There are so many different products to choose from, so where do you begin?

It's important to give a gift that shows you gave it some thought and provide items they'll use. We suggest creating a gift that gives the new homeowner a little bit of everything! Baskets, bags, totes, or even boxes filled with the homeowner's favorite items will be a big hit with the homeowner. But picking out the right gift(s) can be a challenge. If you're struggling with what to purchase, here are a variety of suggestions that will satisfy just about anyone.


It's hard to find someone who won't enjoy a bottle of their favorite beverage. If your homeowner prefers non-alcoholic drinks, try giving them their favorite coffee beans with a set of coffee mugs. Or perhaps gift them a case of their favorite soft drink with personalized glassware that has their initials or their move-in date engraved on the glassware.


Moving into a new home can feel like an endless list of items that you need to purchase. Throw a gift card into your gift basket so the homeowner can buy any accessories they might need to finish a room in their new home.


You can't go wrong with kitchen supplies. Functional items such as serving utensils, cutting boards, coasters, kitchen towels are all great gift ideas.


A personalized portrait of their new house will make it feel like their home—plus, it will be a memory that will last a lifetime with them. Other ideas include a monogrammed gift. You can opt for something functional like a doormat, cutting board, throw, or even a key chain that they can carry around with them.


If the new homeowners have kids, try adding a family game board that everyone will enjoy together, or perhaps adding some craft activities that the kids can do one night in their new home.


Pets deserve some love too! Add a special treat or a new chew toy for their pet to enjoy at their new home.

We hope this quick list helps you gather ideas for your housewarming gift. If you are still struggling with what to purchase, take a look at Pinterest for other useful ideas.

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